What exactly is a hair transplant?

You may think that hair transplants sound potentially invasive or is only the option of celebrities. This should not be seen as the case. A hairtransplant is an efficient, secure solution of addressing hair loss. Losing hair is a common problem, both for men and women, addressed in a number of complex ways. This ranges from shampoos to extensions, a wide array of short-term measures which can be expensive, slow, and even ineffective.

A hair transplant on the other hand, is an instantaneous and increasingly accessible solution. Although embraced by celebrities such as Matt Cardle and Wayne Rooney who have publically expressed their pride in the results, a hair transplant is a potential option for so many.




Why would I consider a hair transplant?

If you suffer from hair loss and feel concerned about it – whatever the scale, you deserve to have these concerns addressed. Whether you are male or female, hair loss can happen – from receding hairlines to balding. You may have tried ways which have been sold as ‘solutions’ – such as shampoo, extensions and even hairpieces, and yet still feel dissatisfied. You may even be trying to come to terms that this dissatisfaction just has to be the case. Well it does not!

What does a hair transplant involve?

There are a number of different methods which allow for a procedure best tailored to your situation – illuminating the thorough nature of hair transplants:

  • FUE – follicular unit extraction – involves the procedure of extracting hair follicles individuality and then transplanting them. This method involves no scarring and has the quickest recovery time.
  • FSE – follicular strip extraction – this is the fastest method of extraction as produces the highest quantity of follicles as a strip is extracted, instead of one by one. This only results in light scarring and the possibility of extensive coverage even from a small level of original hair.
  • FUI – follicularunitimplantation – this method of subsequent implantation involves inserting the hair at an angle and density which most closely matches your own. This allows for a hairline which appears as natural as possible.
  • But do you worry that you may not enough donor hair for transplant? SMP – Scalp Micro Pigmentation – also offers solution for those who cannot have a hair transplant like the ones listed above, yet still enables an area of thinning hair to be covered.



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